At Euroseal, we can tailor all our dock seals to suit non-standard vehicle sizes.

Our dock seals are manufactured from a medium density, fire resistant foam, encased in a heavy duty, Nylon reinforced PVC. This is further protected by either a plain face (2500gsm) or armoured pleats (5900gsm) to increase the seals resistance to tearing, with high visibility guide stripes to aid in vehicle alignment. The seals are also fitted with air vents to exhaust the air when the seals are compressed. The lightweight industrial foam is bonded to a 50mm thick solid timber backboard or galvanised steel tray, according to site requirements.

The seal is created when a vehicle reverses onto the dock seal by compressing the foam as far back as the dock bumpers allow, which creates a seal between the vehicle and the building.

Dock seals are commonly used on temperature controlled facilities, where the compression of the pad gives a tighter seal and maintains the interior temperature control by reducing heating and cooling costs by reducing energy consumption. It also protects loading bay personal from external weather conditions and attenuates sound from noisy warehouses.


  • Tapered side pads
  • Wedged side pads
  • Various projections
  • Your company logo
  • Plain faced or armour pleated
  • Mobile headed seal
  • Velcro seals