Once the fan is energised the cushions fill with high volume, low pressure air that maintains contact to the sides and roof of the vehicle, providing a tight seal that preserves both the hygiene and climate of the facility, whilst also protecting loading bay personal from external weather conditions. This energy retention makes the inflatable dock seal ideal for air conditioned or cold storage facilities.

The inflatable seals are manufactured from a Cordura type material, which is a strong, woven nylon reinforced fabric. The seal is powered by an integral three phase fan with a counter weight retraction system. Designed specifically to minimise maintenance costs, the side seals retract laterally, returning to their deflated position, concealed behind narrow vehicle guide curtains - completely clearing the vehicle vicinity and minimising potential damage. The frame is constructed from food safe cold store panels, which provide added support and protection, and are designed to run drainage to the front face.


  • Insulated / non-insulated
  • Available at dock height or ground level
  • Non-standard sizes
  • Single phase fan (240v) or three phase fan (440v)
  • Your logo
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions
  • Special purpose designs, such as sealing Railway Trains / Carriages in maintenance.